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Unlock Your Potential & Commit to Yourself. 

'A formula 1 engineer for the mind and body'    Martin Hartley

For over 20 years Kim Ingleby, better known as the ‘Mind Body Ninja’ has been something of a

coaching best kept secret. She is a unicorn, in the sense that her in depth knowledge bridges

the worlds of professional sport, mindset and business in equal measures.

Working with everyone from Team GB athletes, Business leaders, personalities including

multiple Olympic Gold medalists, several Strictly stars and Entrepreneurs.  Kim has run 10 adventure marathons combined with

charity work, in countries including Sierra Leone, Nepal & India, delivered a TEDx talk, 'My Brain and I', on embracing

adversity and written best-selling book, 52 Ways to Feel Good.

As one of Sweaty Betty & Optimum Nutrition's National Ambassador’s she blends mind, body & soul confidence

for both women and men of all ages, running workshops across the World. Kim works with her advanced training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and coaching to support individuals

impacted by trauma including MH17, Manchester Arena & Military families through Help for Heroes. Kim is regularly requested to deliver

workshops and keynotes for corporations including BBC, GDS Group & Danone Europe.

Kim’s strength & remarkable resilience however, stem from far deeper than the competitive

sports which saw her compete for Scotland U21 Three Day Eventing, and Team GB Triathlon

Age Group Worlds & European Championships.

Having superseded a lifetime of challenge which began aged 10 when she was sent to a

 hospital far from home for several months following years of severe mental & physical bulling, where she lost the will to live.  

Kim has already transcended more than many will face in a lifetime. It

was during this catalytic stay in hospital that a young Kim, aged 13 admits to “making the choice to stay

alive and really live” That early experience was pivotal in shaping both Kim’s ability to empathise

with her clients, but also to shift out of their state and embrace new possibilities.

In November last year when Kim completed the Indian Himalayan 100 mile race on foot, (only

half the entrants did), it marked an huge 5 year progress step from recovering after

contracting Weil’s disease at a triathlon in the UK. This affected her liver, kidneys, and led to viral encephalitis impacting her nervous system, balance, co-ordination and even speak coherently. 

In 2018 Kim experienced the effects of suicide close to her, 

which has given her an even greater depth and purpose to help people make sense of their life and know they matter. 

It is Kim’s life experience of perseverance through challenge and her ability to both recognise

and empathise deeply with the fears, doubts, hopes and dreams with people from all walks of life have, which

continue to help carve her apart from the UK’s many coaching experts.

Indeed, her approach to supporting her clients places the preservation of positive mental and physical health

at the heart of all her work. With an approach steeped in professional training around the mind body connection –

completing her NLP Masters, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy to complement her degree

in International Business, and Advanced Personal Training, Sports Massage Therapy &

Nutritional Therapy, Kim has a unique depth of experience & knowledge which crucially unifies the

mind body connection. She has raised almost £90,000 for a variety of movement and mental

health charities including Mind, Encephalitis Society & Access Sport. 

Today, Kim is committed to helping as many people as possible transform by committing to their

life, healing and then transforming to live the life they wish for.

Ask Kim what she wants most to impart on the individuals with whom she works, and she is


“My approach is weaved with the physicality of movement and mindset,adventure and happiness.  It goes

way beyond just talking about deep issues. My purpose is always to help nourish an inner confidence and strength within, 

empowering people to make the changes needed to commit to themselves and ultimately live a

brave, bold and happy life. Beyond this, I just want to challenge what we believe is possible for us.”

And that is exactly what Kim Ingleby continues to do.

To work with Kim, email kim@kimingleby.co.uk 

TEDx Women: Overcoming Adversity -Watch Kim's TEDx Bristol Talk

The Hound of Happiness: 52 Tips to Feel Good Book -Buy Kim's Book Here

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"Kim has been invaluable in my search to find someone who can help with the never-ending jugging of work, family, adventures and life! She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and very much my very own personal cheerleader. What never ceases to amaze me is that she has knack for knowing when and what questions to ask and to indeed keep asking the same question in order to really dig deep.If you are looking for someone to confide in, learn about yourself and receive tailored personal aspirations then look no further, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Kim."Annette Burgess

"Kim's coaching, help and support has been invaluable. She has such breadth and depth of knowledge of so many areas which enables her to tailor the sessions to your needs. Her advice and ability to be understanding, non-judgmental, professional and achieve great results is highly commendable. I love my sessions with Kim, thank you!"  Hayley Coles

Awards Roundup

Brand Ambassador:

Optimum Nutrition Athlete since 2017

Global Ambassador for Sweaty Betty since 2008 

Shock Absorber Ambassador since 2010 

Mizuno Running Ambassador since 2014

Bare Biology Blogger since 2015 

Bounce Balls  Blogger since 2013

International Awards:  

Shortlisted Bristol Life Awards 2021, Health & Wellbeing

Bristol Life Awards Finalist - Health & Wellbeing 2019

International NLP Awards ShortListed - Winners announced May 2018 

Bristol Happiness Champion for the City 2018 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Trainer of the Year 2018

NLP Awards 2017 - Finalist Making a Difference & NLP in Businesss 

Life Fitness & National Fitness Award Judge 2014 & 2015 

Life Fitness Global Trainer to Watch Winner 2013, listed on Market Watch 

International Personal Trainer of the Year 2015 & 2007

Short List to carry Olympic Flame in Bristol 2012

Key Qualifications: 

BSc (Hons) International Business Managment from Royal Agricultural College 

Advanced Personal Training & Sports Therapy Diploma 

DNAFit & Nutrition Qualified Consultant

Master NLP Coach & Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, mBraining Coach 

Advanced Diploma Nutritional Therapist & Sports Nutritionist 

Advanced Diploma Pre Post Natal and Hypnotherapy for Fertility 

Advanced Diploma Equestrian Business & Equestrian Coaching 

Numerous CPD training each year for each discipline of training. 

TV, Podcast & Radio: Regular Feature Expert & Contributer - for interviews email kim@kimingleby.co.uk

Clients include: Media Personalities, CEO Multinational Companies, Global Music Artists & Extreme Adventurers 

Racing & Adventure Summary

GB Team Representation:

2018 Team GB Aquathlon World Championships Denmark (Age Group)

2011 & 2013 European Triathlon Championships (Age Group), 

2005 Hawaii World Triathlon Championships (Age Group) 

U21 Scottish Three Day Eventing Team (Horse Riding) 

World Wool Sack Championship Winner 2015, 3rd Place 2017 

Ironman Triathlon: UK Ironman Bolton, 2012, Beaver Middle Distance & numerous UK events. 

Marathon's: Impact Marathon Nepal, Stirling, New York, London, Sierra Leone, Transylvanian Bear Ultra, Strive Branson's Big Change Challenge, Swanage, Bristol to Bath. 

Fitness Stage Competition: British Qualifiers & European Championships, 3rd Fitness Model, Miss Galaxy Universe 2014 & 2015 

Hospital Gratitude Adventures & 9 Lives!   

* Broken Nose x 3, skiing, horse riding & hockey match, cartilage removed and partial realigning  - 3 days 

* Not wanting to live after severe mental and physical bullying  - several months

* Bot Fly Beef Worm removed from left frontal cortex in army hospital in Belize - 2 days 

* Internal Kidney Bleed whilst falling under water jumping into Windsor Lake on a horse - 9 days

* Meningitis Infection - two stints of 9 days 

* Pre cancer cervical biopsy and treatment, not sporting one (!) - 1 year of visits and support 

* Broken elbow, stitched tendon and severe concussion after being knocked out by a cyclist when walking - 1 day 

* Post Weils Disease, Encephalitis Healing & Support - numerous days, scans and tests over 3 years

* Bradycardic Attack after Rhodes Marathon - 1 day 

Charity Fundraising

Kim has raised over £85,000, with her aim to hit £100,000 before the end of 2023. 

Charity Adventures, Travel Writing and Running:

Wild Marathons in Nepal and Indian Himalayas 

Trekked from Argentina to Chile on Horseback for Princes Trust

Ran the Marathon and worked with Street Child in schools in Sierra Leone

Winter Tough Guy & Sea to Summit Challenge for Beat Bullying

Transylvania Romanian Adventure for European Nature Trust

Morocco Half Marathon & Women's Running Writing

Building a school and conservation work with Raleigh International 

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Coaching & Events

International Award Winning, Mind Body Ninja Kim. She will help unlock your potential, grow in confidence and achieve your goals in life, sport and business.  Blending NLP, Sports Performance, DNA Nutrition Testing & Coaching together to create a personalized approach to suit your lifestyle, overcome your fears and make things happen. Her clients include Strictly Come Dancing Pro's, Global CEO, Team GB, Women's Running & Sweaty Betty Customers. She is based in the UK, offering online coaching, workshops and in person courses around the World.

'Kim has helped me grow, to believe in myself and move forwards in situations where I felt 'stuck', to embrace new challenges in my life with positivity. I cannot rate Kim highly enough and recommend 100% her coaching, it will transform your life.' Z. Cornock, 2017

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Writer & Speaking

Kim has spoken at TEDx Bristol, co presented Energised Business keynote with Mark Foster & hosted a Charity Ball with Gethin Jones. She is a regular Mind Body feature expert and presenter for magazines and conferences, with over 20 years industry experience and three International Awards. Kim has been the front cover model and interview for Women's Running Magazine and Women's Fitness best selling Mag Book.  She has co authored the Mag Book, Get Fit Inside Out and published 'The Hound of Happiness - 52 Tips to Feel Good', rated 5* on Amazon.  Her most read blog is about her charity work with Street Child and running a marathon in Sierra Leone.   

'Kim brings an audience to life with her passion, energy and engagement. She really makes you think and gives practical tools to make a change'. Corporate Client, 2017 

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Athlete, Ambassador & Charity Adventures

Kim is a Global Brand Ambassador for Sweaty Betty & Shock Absorber. She represents an athletic image, with the passion to empower women to grow in confidence and achieve their dreams. Kim blogs & represents Mizuno Running, Bare Biology, Bounce Balls & Activbod. Kim has raised over £80,000 for charity, blending her running adventures, writing and travel, with volunteer work. She has completed 6 marathon's, the UK Ironman, run 100 miles, represented Team GB Age Group Triathlon & Scotland U21 Three Day Eventing. She sponsors 2 children with Plan UK in Ghana & Haiti. 

'Kim has been an incredible ambassador for Sweaty Betty, a wonderful professional and inspiration. Her advice and knowledge is second to none, a fantastic role model to the Sweaty Betty community.' A.Morton-Hunte

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