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'Anyone looking to gain the edge in sport and life, Kim's for you.'  Natalie Lowe

The Mind Body Coach - Kim Ingleby: Sharpen your Mind, Define your Body, Grow your Inner Happiness. 

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Kim's Elite Mind & Body Clients include: Global CEO's, Strictly Come Dancing, Olympic Athletes & Media Personalities, as well as individuals wishing to enhance their wellbeing, confidence and performance. Confidentiality, Support & Quality is key. 

In person sessions available in Bristol & London, and by Skype globally. Other locations are available by request, or for Empower Retreats in Ibiza, Morocco, Kenya, L.A, NYC, Qatar & Edinburgh please get in touch. 

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"Kim is one of the leading performance coaches in the country.Her empathy and wisdom is well known amonst her clientele andfans, but also her peers. She is a real asset to the Uk's fitness & wellbeing industry." Dan Roberts, Strength & Conditioning Coach

"Superwoman, amazing, inspiring! Kim is an extraordinary human and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. Having worked with her regularly over the last 5 years (and still to this day), she has coached me through my highs and lows and helped me unlock the confidence to take on challenges beyond my wildest dreams." Wiesia Kuczaj, Head of Agency at Fusion Media

"This was my third Yoga Nidra session with Kim and I ended the session feeling like I’d indulged in a long nap. I was super relaxed and at peace. I was asleep within minutes of the session ending and I awoke the next day feeling energised and refreshed. If you are looking for an easy way to slow down and recover from your daily stressors, I highly recommend Yoga Nidra with Kim." Sophie Hanson, Content Marketer

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